Looking to Hire Product Managers? Here are Key Questions to Ask
Ask questions about their time working in the industry and the methods they employed when running the show. This will give you a much greater insight into their managing philosophy which will help you gauge the fit. After all, the fit of the employee is essential.

6 Software Applications To Streamline Your Sales Process And Close Deals Faster
A bumpy sales process makes it hard to close deals fast. Most of those bumps can be smoothed out by using software to streamline the process. Here are six software applications that can help.

Getting Started with Agile? Read this First
Before you being the process of implementing the Agile framework, take a few minutes to understand the road ahead.

Engineering Management Programs: The Right Move for You?
Just because someone is great at managing customer service, warehouse operations or HR doesn’t mean they’re prepared to lead teams engaged in the interdependent, creativity-meets-science, sometimes trailblazing work of engineering teams.

Write it Out
Picture this: You're giving a presentation and the mic is hot. When suddenly, you're asked a question to which you don't know the answer. What do you do?

Computing Careers: Advice from Christine Miyachi
Christine Miyachi, who has almost 30 years of experience working for startups and large corporations. What are the biggest advances to expect in the field of software architecture?

Biggest Challenges Facing DevOps in 2019 & How to Resolve Them
While straightforward, it’s not without its challenges. Many development companies see it as the pinnacle of what an organization can reach in terms of effectiveness, but like all changes, it’s not always easy.

Latest Trends in Data Security
Ethical issues surrounding data such as data privacy and theft have been on the rise. Data security continues to be something that all companies put on the forefront of their activities.

2030 Advanced Technology from an Asian Perspective
A new report from the IEK Consulting of Industrial Technology Research Institute assesses the 2030 market perspectives and policy plans of major Asian countries and lists the 10 most crucial advanced technologies that will affect the Asian region by 2030.

How Computer Engineering Helps You Think Creatively
Learning the basics of computer science can help you think more critically and with more novel inspiration, ultimately helping you in other areas of your life.

How to Build Your Customer Service Career Path
A customer service representative is integral to any company in every industry. They are the face of the brand, the liaison between the corporation and the individual, and as such, every business’ future rests on their success.

Webinar: Bounce Back from a Career Challenge
We all face challenges at some points in our careers, whether we have been laid off, need to leave our current position due to either positive or negative stimuli, are looking for a promotion, or are eager to work in a completely different field or profession. But no matter the challenge, scientists and engineers have the competitive advantage to manage, survive and thrive because of your innate problem solving skills.

Four Women Who Are Reshaping the World
Slowly, representation at high levels of engineering companies is becoming more diverse. Many of the engineers making big technological innovations and scientific breakthroughs are women. These engineers are working on emerging technologies at NASA, Tesla, and other companies.

Want to Be a Better Communicator? Stop Talking
Good communicators listen. Terrible communicators talk and talk.

Careers in the Internet of Things: Advice from an Expert
We interviewed Bruce West, Chief Scientist Mathematics for the Army Research Office, University of Rochester. He is a senior research scientist interested in the nonlinear interactions among entities of all kinds and the types of emergent properties resulting from these interactions.

Cybersecurity: Educating Employees
Educating yourself on the types of cyberattacks is especially important for business owners as they must secure not only their own data but the data of their company and their employees.

2018 IEEE-USA Salary Survey: Good, If You’re a 'Typical' Engineer
The report provides statistics on income from primary sources for 10 broad areas of technical competence, as well as subgroups within these broad areas.

SE-Radio Podcast on Scaling Engineering Management
Their conversation covers: how and when to hire engineering managers; how to onboard, train and plan for their growth; compensations reviews and promotions; advice for new managers, and what to expect at different management levels.

Website Loading Speed and Why It Matters
Every business today has a website. While design, theme, user navigation, and relevant content are all critical elements of a good website, one thing many people tend to overlook is the loading speed.

Mark Harman Bridges Academia and Industry
Before joining Facebook, Mark Harman had known a few people who made the move from academia, and the spectacular impact it had on their research.

History Fosters Technological Progress
Can an understanding of history foster innovation? Certainly many great innovators have said so. Here in their own words—via the oral history collection of the IEEE History Center—are some of the ways innovators have drawn upon history to assist the process of invention.

What’s the Dress Code for Job Interviews These Days?
There’s a lot of confusion about what job candidates should wear for interviews at today’s tech companies and startups. Are suits and skirts too formal? Are jeans and sneakers too casual? Does anyone even care how you dress as long as you can do the job?

How Persuasive Technology Can Change Your Habits
If you’re looking to break a habit like smoking or start a new one such as saving more money, you may need a nudge from your digital device. Persuasive technology involves incorporating insights from psychology into the design of products like mobile apps and wearables. The goal is to modify people’s habits and beliefs.

How Can Organizations Succeed in Digital Transformation When One in Five Execs Think It’s a Waste of Time?
Change is hard, and especially so the fast-moving, all-encompassing type of change that is required to guide an organization successfully into the digital domain. Organizations dedicate tremendous amounts of thought and effort to craft detailed digital strategies to remain competitive, so it is particularly frustrating when these strategies fall flat.

Enjoy the New Year More Than You Did the Old One
If you’d like to feel happier, more patient, and easier-going in the new year, here are a few ways to realistically and practically redirect your mental energies to that end.

5G in E-Commerce Activities
The faster speed of 5G networks and high-resolution screens of 5G-enabled devices might lead to a higher degree of customer willingness to engage in e-commerce activities, more time spent on e-commerce websites, and more purchases online.

Why Companies Need Engineers With a Creative Bent
People with the ability to combine their engineering and scientific skills with their understanding of art, literature, music, and other creative works have introduced popular products and spawned billion-dollar industries.

Finding the Cybersecurity Job You Want
The proliferation of cloud computing, smartphone technology, big data, and the Internet of Things has pushed the importance of cybersecurity to the forefront of the computing profession.

Q&A: Quantum Computing’s Researcher Shortage
That could pose a problem for businesses that want to build fast computers—as well as governments that want to maintain national security and their country’s technological edge. The problem could be solved by opening up the field to software developers

Is Your Cloud Storage Solution Safe? Here’s How to Tell
Millions of everyday consumers, professionals, and business owners now rely on cloud storage to share, back up, and store information long-term. But how secure is it really?

Is it Possible for Macs to Get Viruses?
For a long time, Macs have been touted as virus-proof, and many Mac owners still falsely believe that they’re immune from viruses and other types of malware.

Benefits of College - By Degrees
Should everyone go to college? College graduates, especially STEM graduates, earn more than non-college graduates and are on average more productive than those not attending college. That does not mean, however, that a traditional baccalaureate degree is optimal for everyone. There are several risk factors in pursuing a degree.

Educating Next-Gen Computer Scientists
Six panelists debate whether university computer science education is leading technology forward, or commercial technology demands are leaving these programs in the dust.

Purdue University Team Tackles Global Underwater-Vehicle Competition
Each year, the Marine Advanced Technology Education Center holds a remotely operated underwater-vehicle competition, with students from around the world undertaking tasks that simulate real-world implementations.

What Programming Language Skills Do Employers Want?
What programming language skills do employers want? Online job-search firm Indeed took a look at three months (18 May to 18 August) of 2018 job listings in its tech software category to find out.

Hello, World! - Code Responsibly
It is important to teach responsible coding early, starting in the first programming course, and often, by repeating and reinforcing security concepts in advanced courses.

Careers in Healthcare Technology: Advice from an Expert
We interviewed Oliver Amft who is the founding director of the Chair of eHealth and mHealth at the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU).

Two Entrepreneurs on Why They Founded Socially Conscious Companies
Not all startups are concerned only with turning a profit. Some make it their mission to create products or services that will improve society.

AI Software Helps Employers Hire Based on Innate Skills
Some companies are selecting candidates based on neuroscience assessments instead of résumés. The software tests for factors such as memory, risk-taking, and focus.

Is Your Networking Not Working? Making and Keeping Professional Friends
The old adage "It's not what you know, it’s who you know" is only partially true in engineering and tech. Referrals from trusted professional friends are always worth following up on.

Is Careers in Security and Privacy: Advice from an Expert
For this career article, we interviewed David Kotz who co-authored the article "Privacy and Security in Mobile Health: A Research Agenda". His research interests include security and privacy, pervasive computing for healthcare, and wireless networks. We asked Kotz about careers in privacy and security.

Careers in Big Data: Advice from an Expert
We interviewed Jens Jelitto, a research staff member at IBM Research—Zurich. His research interests include digital signal processing for wireless LANs and magnetic recording, as well as novel techniques for big data storage systems. We asked Jelitto about careers in big data.

The Guide to 2018 App Development: Best Practices and Tips
Apps are a way of life now. It’s hard to remember a time when our lives weren’t dominated by apps and technology. This rise in apps leads to even more competition for developers. I bet you’ve found yourself in a situation where you downloaded an app, then proceeded to never use it again. You’re not alone.

There's More to What You Say Than What You Say
We grasp meaning beyond the words because we’re translating the speaker’s body language, that combination of facial expression, posture, gestures, and vocal tone that infuse our words with our intentions and emotions. Body language, it turns out, is a significant part of how we communicate.

How Microsoft Managed to Win Its Fight to Stay Alive
So how is it that Microsoft has managed to stay alive during its most difficult era, and does it have the potential to keep innovating and growing from here?

Skills for Today and Tomorrow: Insights from Industry and Education
With rapidly changing technology and shifting organizational needs, how can engineers and technology professionals be prepared for a long and successful career?

The 3 Best Cybersecurity Solutions for Enterprises
Cybersecurity is a threat for everyone but is especially dangerous for businesses as the penetration of a business’s database could threaten an innumerable amount people’s data. It is very imperative that a business conduct itself in the most secure way possible to avoid a breach of their internal systems.

AI's 10 to Watch: The Future of AI
IEEE Intelligent Systems has long helped promote young and aspiring AI scientists via its biennial "AI's 10 to Watch" special section.

How Millennials Are Influencing the Way Insurance is Managed, Delivered and Chosen
As more and more millennials enter the technology workplace, employers are asking: what do they want and how do they want it?

Careers in Software Engineering: Advice from the Experts
What types of tech advances in the field of software engineering will see the most growth in the next several years?

Diversity Can Be an Annoying Topic, but Someone’s Got to Talk About It
There is strength in numbers. As more people in science and technical communities speak up, it will inspire others to do the same.

Helping Employees Pick Up More Skills
A number of trends are prompting many corporations in some of the largest global industries to beef up their efforts to train engineers and programmers, keeping them up to date or helping them learn new skills.

Finding Success in Consulting
Many computing professionals, at some point in their careers, consider establishing a consulting business. Consulting offers an opportunity to leave the traditional workplace, work independently, and become your own boss.

7 Ways VoIP Systems Can Make Your Small Business Look Like a Large Corporation
Small businesses make a significant impact on the economy, employing 48 percent of U.S. workers and comprising 99.7 percent of all American businesses. Yet many early startups struggle to establish credibility with the market when compared to large enterprises.

How Remote Work Help Boost Your Company Culture
BLOG POST: Only 10 years ago did the idea of remote work seem like an outlandish proposition. Recently, however, that tide is beginning to shift. With remote work becoming more feasible, and employees becoming more receptive, remote work is due for a boon.

Presentation Skills - Beyond the Basics
What if you made a presentation that was engaging, well-expressed, and worth paying attention to? Turn up the quality of presentations in your organization. Here’s how.

Job Ads on Facebook Discriminate Against Older Workers
Dozens of employers in the United States—including Amazon, Target, and Verizon—are placing recruitment advertisements on Facebook that target job hunters younger than 40.

4 Ways Businesses Can Embrace the Freelance Workforce in 2018
The dramatic spike in the population of self-employed workers has resulted in the development of freelance job platforms, flexible workspaces and even freelance health insurance. Traditional businesses are now learning to adapt.

What Your Voice Says About You
Maybe you haven't given it much thought. With all the things you have to do and worry about, how your voice sounds perhaps hasn’t made it onto your self improvement to-do list. But if improving your voice could boost your credibility and improve your relationships, wouldn’t it be worth some attention?