Programming Languages You Should Learn in 2020
So, which programming languages will continue to be in demand in 2020 and beyond? How many languages should you know to pursue your dream career? We will attempt to answer these tricky questions in this post.

Career Round Table: A Growing Trillion-Dollar Software Market Desperately Needs Engineers. What You Need to Know, Part Two
Software engineers who want the inside track on this fast-moving market can learn from seasoned professionals which areas to pursue. We asked several software engineering experts what types of software tech advances will see the most growth in the next several years.

10 Essential Steps To Improve Your Website Security
In recent years, the ease of building websites has expanded. Thanks to content management systems (CMS), like WordPress and Joomla, business owners are now the webmasters. The responsibility for website security is now in your hands, yet, many owners do not know how to make their website safe.

Are Robots Taking Our Jobs? A RoboPlatform at a Bank
Automation has been replacing manual activities in workplace for decades. Is time to ask the following questions? Are these real robots? Why do we need them? Are they going to take over all jobs once self-learning algorithms mature?

4 Ways to Make Performance Videos on Facebook More Effective
As performance video is concerned, views are only half the battle. When it comes to social media advertising, what producers actually care about is conversions. Did viewers click through, and if so, did they actually purchase or sign up?

Cloud Computing: Why Use SaaS for Data Analytics and Help Your Brand Grow
The rise of the Internet and its permeating influence on our daily lives sees no limits. From personal social media engagement to how we do business, a lot is stored and done in “the cloud.”

Tech Opened the Door to the Gig Economy, But Is It Here to Stay?
Technology brought us into the gig economy, which refers to economic conditions where companies tend to hire people for "gigs," or short-term, flexible work, and people are more interested in taking on many different contracts, clients, and opportunities, rather than working for a single organization.

5 Reasons Remote Workers Are Driving Network Security Professionals Crazy
The hardest part of being a security professional is thwarting preventable attacks caused by user error. Remote workers are especially prone to making these mistakes, and they’re driving security professionals crazy.

Software Engineering Grads Lack the Skills Startups Need
Today's software engineering programs teach students traditional skills tailored to large employers. But startups and next-gen technology companies expect a dynamic and in-depth understanding of the software ecosystem and its tools from new graduates.

Motivating Programmers
This episode discusses why engineering motivation matters, the unique motivation needs of engineers, mentoring and coaching for motivation, 1:1s, and self-motivation.

Four Actions Engineers Can Take to Ensure Their Startup Succeeds
Engineers often misunderstand what it takes to launch a successful startup, according to IEEE Fellow Chenyang Xu, who has been advising entrepreneurs and investors for 20 years.

Why VPNs Aren’t Just For Your Computer Anymore
With the rise of mobile computing, a greater number of people are working remotely than ever before, and they’re not always doing so with a laptop.

Cybersecurity Expert Susan Landau of Tufts Reveals How to Deal with Unfair Job Moments and Find Inspiration
Remember why you do what you do, and focus on that. It’s not always easy to get past the unfair situation, but if you get stuck in anger and pain; they’ve won. If you move on and succeed, you’ve won-and done so many times over.

Why Every Developer Should Know a Bit of Technical Writing
Improving your knowledge of programming isn’t the only way to improve your abilities as a software developer. Most developers see an enormous benefit in learning related skills-especially technical writing.

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