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A Runner's Guide to Career Success
Staying motivated, overcoming obstacles, and knowing your limits are just some lessons that can be applied to your professional aspirations.

How Remote Work Help Boost Your Company Culture
BLOG POST: Only 10 years ago did the idea of remote work seem like an outlandish proposition. Recently, however, that tide is beginning to shift. With remote work becoming more feasible, and employees becoming more receptive, remote work is due for a boon.

The Benefits of Investing in Interdisciplinarity
By engaging in activities and networking outside your field of expertise, you can gain new insights and skills.

Presentation Skills - Beyond the Basics
What if you made a presentation that was engaging, well-expressed, and worth paying attention to? Turn up the quality of presentations in your organization. Here’s how.

IT Careers Ripe for Transitioning to a Cybersecurity Role
IT professionals seeking to transition into the red-hot cybersecurity field are well positioned to make the transition, especially if they possess certain technical skills.

Job Ads on Facebook Discriminate Against Older Workers
Dozens of employers in the United States—including Amazon, Target, and Verizon—are placing recruitment advertisements on Facebook that target job hunters younger than 40.

Standards: Engaging for the Future
The IEEE Computer Society provides foundational standards for the benefit of consumers, industry, and government, as well as the programmers and engineers building tomorrow’s technology wonders. Participation in these projects is open to everyone.

Careers in Cloud Computing: Advice from an Expert
Michael Swift, associate professor in the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison answers the question, "What types of tech advances in the field of cloud computing will see the most growth in the next several years?"

4 Ways Businesses Can Embrace the Freelance Workforce in 2018
The dramatic spike in the population of self-employed workers has resulted in the development of freelance job platforms, flexible workspaces and even freelance health insurance. Traditional businesses are now learning to adapt.

What Your Voice Says About You
Maybe you haven't given it much thought. With all the things you have to do and worry about, how your voice sounds perhaps hasn’t made it onto your self improvement to-do list. But if improving your voice could boost your credibility and improve your relationships, wouldn’t it be worth some attention?

Careers in Software Engineering
We interviewed Murray Cantor - cofounder and chief technology officer of Aptage - an agile-software-development risk management consultancy - about career opportunities in software engineering.

The Role of the Chief Data Officer Managing Expectations
What's the evolving role of the chief data officer (CDO) and how the CDO interacts with other members of the C-suite? Ursula Cottone, CDO of Citizens Bank, was interviewed about a journey that began not with data, but with people. Projects had to be justified not by direct ROI, but through understanding the process, transparency along the journey, and ongoing expectations management.

The Curious Case of e-Governance
A key role of government in developing economies is building institutions that support firms over their lifecycle. However, real politics creates immense regulatory rigidity. IT presents a tremendous opportunity to address corruption and efficiency, yet it must incorporate appropriate investments in reducing regulatory rigidity and strengthening institutions.

Preparing Tomorrow's Software Engineers for Work in a Global Environment
Global software engineering (GSE) is becoming common. It's thus important to educate university software engineering students in GSE. The authors discuss challenges to and recommendations for implementing such instruction.

SE-Radio's Podcast on Product Management
Product Management deals with the planning, delivery and marketing of a software product. The discussion covers how those functions are achieved, and how the success of the product is measured; and what makes for a successful product manager.

Careers in Computer and Internet Security
In the October 2017 issue of ComputingEdge, we asked Kate Netkachova and Robin Bloomfield about career opportunities in computer and Internet security.

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