Motivating Programmers
This episode discusses why engineering motivation matters, the unique motivation needs of engineers, mentoring and coaching for motivation, 1:1s, and self-motivation.

Four Actions Engineers Can Take to Ensure Their Startup Succeeds
Engineers often misunderstand what it takes to launch a successful startup, according to IEEE Fellow Chenyang Xu, who has been advising entrepreneurs and investors for 20 years.

Why VPNs Aren’t Just For Your Computer Anymore
With the rise of mobile computing, a greater number of people are working remotely than ever before, and they’re not always doing so with a laptop.

Cybersecurity Expert Susan Landau of Tufts Reveals How to Deal with Unfair Job Moments and Find Inspiration
Remember why you do what you do, and focus on that. It’s not always easy to get past the unfair situation, but if you get stuck in anger and pain; they’ve won. If you move on and succeed, you’ve won-and done so many times over.

Why Every Developer Should Know a Bit of Technical Writing
Improving your knowledge of programming isn’t the only way to improve your abilities as a software developer. Most developers see an enormous benefit in learning related skills-especially technical writing.

What Millennials Think of Boomers, and Vice Versa
Any workplace is a mix of generations trying to navigate misunderstandings and stereotypes that arise, some of which arise just because cultural influences, customs, and conventions have changed over time.

What Makes a Website Well Designed?
Every business owner wants a well-designed website, but what does that phrase even mean? Design is partially in the eye of the beholder, but there are also some objective qualities that can make a site “better” than another.

5 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch Out For in 2019
As technologies and security tools change, cybercriminals are adapting their strategies, creating new threats and revamping known ones. Outdated systems and lack of awareness of current vulnerabilities create significant risk for companies and individuals.

How to Prepare for Your First Web Development Job Interview
There are a lot of skills that you’ll need to not just have but demonstrate so that they know you can do what is required. This means checking what languages they’ll want you to know and if you can read the code in Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. They probably will.

Advantages of Protecting Your Data For Startup Businesses
Startup business owners often don’t know where to exactly start from, when it comes to the complex and delicate chapter of data security. It is no secret that these business entities need to be a lot more aware of the fraudulent scandals that severely impacts personal and business information. Cybercriminals are increasingly becoming cleverer to attack precious data.

Artificial Intelligence is Poised to Reshape the Future, and Now It’s Time to Prepare For It
Thanks to the limitless possibilities that artificial intelligence (AI) has to offer, our lives have never been easier. From smartphones and personal assistants to home automation systems, AI is everywhere.

Looking to Hire Product Managers? Here are Key Questions to Ask
Ask questions about their time working in the industry and the methods they employed when running the show. This will give you a much greater insight into their managing philosophy which will help you gauge the fit. After all, the fit of the employee is essential.

6 Software Applications To Streamline Your Sales Process And Close Deals Faster
A bumpy sales process makes it hard to close deals fast. Most of those bumps can be smoothed out by using software to streamline the process. Here are six software applications that can help.

Getting Started with Agile? Read this First
Before you being the process of implementing the Agile framework, take a few minutes to understand the road ahead.

Engineering Management Programs: The Right Move for You?
Just because someone is great at managing customer service, warehouse operations or HR doesn’t mean they’re prepared to lead teams engaged in the interdependent, creativity-meets-science, sometimes trailblazing work of engineering teams.

Write it Out
Picture this: You're giving a presentation and the mic is hot. When suddenly, you're asked a question to which you don't know the answer. What do you do?

Computing Careers: Advice from Christine Miyachi
Christine Miyachi, who has almost 30 years of experience working for startups and large corporations. What are the biggest advances to expect in the field of software architecture?

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